Jul 28, 2016

First Day of School 2016-2017

Oh, how the days, weeks, and years are flying by.  I now have a 1st grader and a 7th grader living under my roof.  It's crazy how much the boys have grown and matured since they both started school for the very first time.  When Landon started school, he jumped right into kindergarten.  He had a little bit of preschool at his day care, but that doesn't count.  Liam was different, in more ways than one.  He started preschool at his actual school when he was three, went for three years because of the way his birthday falls in the year, and then off to kindergarten he went.  He even had a brand new teacher!  No really, she was brand new to the school, not just to him.  She did a wonderful job!  I guess having a background in behavioral disorders, among other things, I'd say she fit right in with my little Liam.  She has taught him so much.  The woman has the patience of a saint.  Meredith has truly been a Godsend to our family and we have appreciated everything she has done.  In fact, the entire school staff is amazing!!!  Meredith teaches kindergarten through second grade, so Liam will have her next year too!  After that, it's off to another highly qualified teacher to prep him for the coming years.  Liam is loving life right now!  He bugged me for a long time during the summer about going back to school this year (this is a first for him).  He was excited to meet new students and make new pals.  I have a calendar in my office I used to count down the days until school started.  Liam was in the office every day watching me X out the dates.  Landon and Liam came home and told me that their first days were awesome.  They liked their teachers, classes, and students and reassured me that everything went smoothly.  That always puts a nervous parent's mind at ease.  Anyway, here are some shots I was able to get in-between downpours, weird bus schedules (always a thing on the first day of school), and dealing with hyper, overly excited boys.

Waiting in the car for the bus to arrive to avoid getting soaked.

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