Jul 14, 2016

A Little Story About Sam and Allison

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam and a girl named Allison.  Although they were both fun and full of wonder, Allison was quite envious of Sam.  Sam was big.  Sam had a lot more to offer.  Sam got a lot more attention. Sam was very nice to look at.  Allison had her own perks, though.  She was small and dainty.  She was cute.  She even had her own special garden for people to admire.  She could stand her own, but in her eyes she still wasn't as good as Sam.

Okay, okay.  Sam Peden and Allison Brook are two different parks Liam and I visited earlier today.  Allison Brook is a very small park with a garden that the city had put in not too long ago.  The weird thing though is that it sits at a busy intersection.  Something you don't see every day.  Usually parks are sitting back off of the road a bit and more secluded.  Which brings me to the next park, Sam Peden.  This park is huge.  I love the big pond and tons of ducks swimming in it.  I also love how they finally dressed it up some.  They now have three (that I saw) playgrounds for the kids.  It's a lot nicer than it used to be.  We went back and forth between playgrounds and had a ball!  I'm so happy we went.

Is there anything cuter than this?!

I spy with my little eye, a little boy peeing.

I do love those beautiful green eyes.  

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