Jun 29, 2016


It's been a season for splash pads, that's for sure.  I had a conversation with my mom on the phone about coming over for a visit so she could see the kids and she mentioned a fairly new splash pad that had opened near her.  She thought the boys would really enjoy it.  At first, I thought she was just letting me know about it, but it turns out that my mom and grandma wanted to get out of the house to spend some time with the boys.  My first thought was it may be too hot for them to get outside, but my mom quickly blurted out that she wanted to get wet too and then laughed.  So, off we went.  We had the best time!  I was so excited to finally get the chance to do something with all of them outside.  Meant a lot.  Kids 18 and under were also invited to grab a free lunch on the School Bus Cafe. It was an actual school bus equipped with tables and chairs. Very cool!

Love the facial expression.

Jun 24, 2016

Family Vacation #3: Wisconsin Dells and Illinois

Thanks to a couple of Aaron's customers we heard of this place up north that our kids would really love.  Boy were they right!  I did some research on Mt. Olympus before planning anything since I wasn't familiar with the area and I wanted to see what this place was all about.  Wow, what a phenomenal place!  There was so much to do.  The weather was absolutely perfect during our stay.  Mid 80's, sunny, and low humidity.  We were in Heaven.  We had a back-up plan if the weather wasn't going to be all that great, but thanks to Mt. Olympus for having an indoor water and theme park, we were set, just in case.  This play-and-stay is rated #1 in the country.  It's massive!  Mt. Olympus makes our two "local" play-and-stays (Great Wolf Lodge and Big Splash Adventure) look a bit measly and boring in comparison.  It was jammed packed with roller coasters, kiddie rides and various play areas, a multitude of different slides (indoor and outdoor), lazy rivers (indoor and outdoor), a hot tub, a pool, two wave pools, several go-kart tracks, you name it.  It had everything!!  Aaaaamazing.  Now I know why it was voted #1.  I wasn't a believer until we arrived.  You really have to experience this place at least once as a parent.  Incredible!

We arrived Sunday evening on Father's Day.  The kids were ready to stretch their legs and get the party started.  The sun was beginning to set, but that didn't deter my boys at all.  They put on their swim trunks and off to Poseidon's Rage we went.  This wave is so big it's scary.  The kids couldn't get enough of this wave pool.  We stayed until after dark and then headed in for some r & r.  One thing I really liked about this park is that from 7-10 pm, the park is only available to hotel guests.  At 7:00 pm the park closes to all of the day-goers (yes, people actually pay to go to this park), which makes it even better.  The next few days were a blast!

Warning: Picture overload.

The roman look and feel was awesome!



I loved that they had a DJ at the Pool Party station during the day.  It made for a nice experience.  I felt like I was in the tropics on the beach.

My surfer dude.

The boys the next morning.

We had the best time and can't wait for another wonderful adventure!