May 13, 2016

My Little Hulk At Play On a Cloudy Day

Once Liam realized he could take his new favorite toy outside, he has been going at it ever since.  It has been raining a lot here lately so naturally there are going to be lots of fun puddles to drive his truck through.  He always goes for the water first and then makes his way to the grass, sidewalk, etc.  He is one happy kid outside.  That is by far his favorite place to be.  

The next thing I know Liam is putting on Landon's old Hulk gloves, getting his Tonka truck out of the garage, and kicking a ball around.  He even went back inside to get a train set.  He doesn't stick with one thing for too long.  He likes variety, always has.  The wind was picking up with yet another storm coming in.  Liam is a little skiddish when it comes to dark skies, thunder, and lightning.  He knows if there are heavy winds a thunderstorm is not too far behind.  And he was right.  He was nervously pulling me inside.  So, we packed it up and headed back in before the weather got crazy and we got drenched.

This was the start of it.  The sky got worse as we played.

Liam was worried about the plane with the storm coming.

Sadly, these little feet  and hands won't be little for long.

Funny story: Liam was racing himself down the driveway.  He would drive his remote control truck while he scooted in the other truck.  I caught him stopping the remote control truck so he could get ahead and then start again and then yell out, "I won!"  He is so goofy.

You won't like it when I'm angry.

Oh wait, he's back!

And in different clothing.  And people wonder why I hate doing laundry.

Engaged with a baby rollie pollie.

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