May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Since my niece had her baby, and this year was going to be her first Mother's Day, we talked about having a get-together at my house.  Not only was it her first Mother's Day, great grandma and great great granny had never met Maddie.  It was a perfect opportunity to get everyone under one roof.  Maddie was spoiled with attention and passed around from person to person pretty much the entire time.  Maddie was so good for her mommy and very alert and smiley for the rest of us.  Landon was in love.  He loved on her for as long as the ladies of the house would allow.  He rubs her sweet head, sings to her, rocks her, and stares at her lovingly.  All the women melt instantly.

I cooked everything except the meat.  That's Aaron's area of expertise.  I tried a new dish this time - Avocado Pasta Salad and prepped cheesy bbq bacon burgers.  They were both a huge hit!  I also cooked hash brown casserole for my niece because it's her absolute favorite.  The food didn't last like it usually does.  We had just enough left over for a couple of people to take some home.  Success!

Emily took this one with my beast, so it's out of focus.  I still love it, though.

Five generations!

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