May 7, 2016

Lincoln Logs In a Box

I received a shipment of...wait for it...a pooper scooper for Landon.  One of his chores is to pick up his puppy's poo out of the back yard.  I may not have won the Mother of the Year award at first, but after he realized how much easier life had become, he was high-fiving me in no time and saying things like, "This is awesome!" and "Hey, it's better than using gloves and bending over a million times.  Thanks, mom!"  I guess I delivered.

With shipments comes fun boxes for Liam to play with.  These boxes will hang out in various places in our home.  If I even dare mutter the word "trash" (after I've had enough of an empty, useless box sitting around), Liam will instantly lose his mind.  Just having it sit in a corner of the room is comforting for him.  Liam asked, "Can I take this outside?"  I quickly replied, "Sure, buddy." Then Liam asked, "Can I get my Lincoln Logs and build a house in my box?"  He played for what seemed like hours.

You'll have to excuse Liam's chapped lips.  They aren't so much chapped as they are healing from him picking at them.  It's one his ticks of ADHD.


Who needs instructions?  Not Liam!

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