May 10, 2016


Liam decided it was a good day to take his remote-control truck outside and "drive" it around the yard and through the puddles.  It's one of those trucks that can off road without any issues.  He drove it down the sidewalk to the neighbor's house and got Grace and Tobey's attention.  Suddenly the bigger kids were wanting to play.  They all took turns, so it was nice.  Liam was having the time of his life!

Tobey went home for a brief moment to get his drone.  He thought Liam would enjoy playing with it and boy was he right!  I guess I know what to get the little guy now.  Grace played with Liam while the boys pretended to have a Star Wars light saber fight in slow motion.  It was quite hysterical.  Then the funniest thing happened.  I caught Landon and Tobey pretending to be girls.  I video taped.  I couldn't help it.

And then the video.  So funny.

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