Apr 25, 2016

Thunder Over Louisville 2016

Aaron and I joked around how old we must be.  We talked about how we used to go down to Thunder with friends and drink, party, walk around for hours, and so on.  Now?  We are just happy to park our chairs and a blanket and chill out the whole time.  Yes, times have definitely changed.  We like to take the kids now that they are older and Liam is doing a little better with every passing year.  Liam stuck to the phone and Landon found some kids to play with.  For the most part, Landon likes to keep to himself.  He does this at home a lot, too.  I caught him going down by the river chilling out alone.  I remember doing that when I was younger as well.  I'm pretty sure we found a favorite spot to hang out.  I loved the view of the water, the bridge, and all of the boats!

We parked a little ways away from the chaos this year, which meant a lot of walking to get to where we were going.  The parking ranged anywhere from $10-$50, depending on how close or how far you wanted to park.  Ours was free, but the walk was very long.  Having the wagon really helped with lugging things around.  With kids there is always snacks, drinks, jackets in case it gets cold, toys, etc.  And then there's the big kids' stuff; camera bag, blankets, chairs, drinks, etc.  Our wagon definitely came in handy and I am so happy we thought to bring it!

The boys chatting during our walk.

Cops at every turn.  Even on the water.

This was beyond hysterical and made our Thunder so much more entertaining.

Thunder Over Louisville brought in over 725,000 this year between Kentucky and Indiana; the second biggest crowd we've had.  I think the other was closer to a million.

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