Apr 15, 2016

Perrin Park

Liam finally started full day of kindergarten on Wednesday of this week!  He had been patiently waiting for all of the paperwork to go through and for Spring Break to come to an end before he could actually begin his full day schedule.  Liam had been going from morning to 11 am, then 1 pm, and now he is getting home at 3:30 pm!  He has come so far!  He was so excited on his first day.  He did an awesome job on day one and two according to his teacher.  Well, since he had done so well we headed to a local park for some fun in the sun.  His brother got home around the same time so he went with us.  I loved seeing him so happy and glowing with pride.  He loves scoping the playground for "friends", as he calls them.  He found a few that he stuck with most of the time there.  He seems to be attracted to the smaller kiddos for some reason.  Kids his age or older are typically mean to him so that could play a part in his preference.

Landon high on his perch checking everything out.

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