Apr 20, 2016

Neverending Obsessions

Last year I couldn't get Liam away from the chains hooked to the swings in our backyard.  Every time I looked over one was always missing.  Sometimes it would end up in the yard or on the patio and sometimes it would end up in Liam's bed.  He's different, that's for sure.  He gets so fixed on the weirdest things!  I thought this was a stage and we wouldn't have the issue of "the missing chain" this year.  Well, turns out I was wrong.  The chain mysteriously ended up on his bedroom floor yesterday.  I gasped and said to myself, in my head, "Welp, I guess the dang thing's made its comeback."  The very next day I said it was time to go outside and of course the question of the century arose yet again, "Can I take the chain with me?"  *double gasp*  I knew it was really back.  I should have known this when he also asked if he would take it in the car with him.  I knew we were doomed.  Is this a pet?  Is this his new friend?  What is it about this dang chain?  It's rusty and dirty!  For a kid who doesn't like to get/be dirty, the question is simply...why?  I guess I'll never know what goes on in that little head of his, but it sure is interesting.  Do I let him play with it?  Sure, why not.  I'm just thankful he is up-to-date on all of his shots!

Weeds.  Oh, those pesky weeds.  Ya know, the ones that seem to pop up in your yard no matter what you do?  Thankfully we don't have but a few growing in our yard.  Our neighbors, however, have plenty for our obsessive boy to play with.  He loves dandelions.  The color.  The fact that you can blow their little seeds everywhere and annoy anyone who has to maintain a yard.  Everything.  Landon had some fun picking me a bouquet.  The thought was very sweet.  I kindly said thank you and he put them back in the yard.

Then there's using a basketball to play a quick game of soccer.  The actual soccer ball was in my car, only a few feet away.  Liam's choice was to use the basketball, of course.  The boys were running around the yard trying to steal the ball from one another.  Liam is still learning the whole concept of playing the sport.  He likes to use his hands....a lot.  I have to keep reminding him that you can't use your hands in soccer.  Once he gets that down, I think he may have a fighting chance of playing!

When you're little getting things such as bikes or big wheels is pretty exciting.  When Liam got his big wheel years ago, he showed absolutely no interest in it.  A few years later, though?  He is riding this thing like a champ.  Every time we go outside he has to get on it at least once.  He likes to ride down to the neighbors' driveways and come back.  I'm not sure what changed his mind, but whatever it was, he's having a blast now.  I just told him to be sure to use his turn signals.

It's no secret that Liam's go-to snack is Cheese-Its.  He won't eat the original flavor, it has to be cheddar jack.  Sometimes this snack will end up outside with us.  Sometimes this snack makes its way to the ground for all the bugs to enjoy.  I meant to pick up the two Cheese-Its that fell out of his bowl, but I had to take a call and got distracted.  Minutes later I looked over and saw a swarm of ants getting their eat on.  At that point, I wasn't about to pick them up.  Have at it, little guys.  I took a picture instead.

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