Apr 6, 2016

Baseball Babes

I don't know what it is about girls that Liam loves so much, but he seems to gravitate towards them when they're around.  I especially love how he refers to kids as "friends" when he talks about them, whether he knows them or not.  If he spots other kids we hear, "Can I go play with those friends?" Or, "I see friends! I wanna go play with them.  Please, mom/dad? Pleeeeeeease?"  He is so sweet, and watching him interact with other kids in a more normal manner is amazing.  They ask him to play Tag or Ring Around the Rosie, or just include him in general.  Before, kids wouldn't give him a chance or even make fun of him.  It's almost like they knew instantly he was different.  He seems to be adapting and learning that if he's mean he'll be punished, not only by us, but the kids as well.  And let's face it, kids don't like to be shunned or thought less of.  He's coming around.  Still not perfect, but getting better all the time.  I just love to see him happy.

And then a few pictures of the game.  We lost, but to be truthful, the team wasn't playing their best.

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