Apr 4, 2016

A Little Park Adventure

At the beginning of Spring Break the boys and I went to a local park.  It was nice out so I was expecting a good crowd.  It wasn't bad, only the parents weren't paying any attention to their kids as they played.  I ran into an incident with a few kids pushing and stomping on Liam.  I'm usually nervous about him, but it oddly wasn't him being the aggressor.  Liam has never stomped on anyone, though.  He may push or hit someone out of the blue, but these kids were brutal.  My first thought was to get him out of harm's way. My second was to try to find their parents.  Again, nowhere to be found.  These kids were awful.  Liam was walking down the ramp to leave and one of the boys pushed him down again, making Liam hit his head.  The story gets longer, but I'll leave it that.  I thought I was going to go to jail if I found the parent(s), so it was probably a good thing I couldn't.  Needless to say, we left.  I. Was. Fuming.  It was such a shame, too, because we love that park.

This time we decided to go to another park, hoping to have better luck with better behaved children.  As soon as we pulled up, Liam squealed and blurted out, "I see friends!"  He melts my heart.  He quickly unbuckled and jumped out of the car and ran, like Forest Gump kinda' ran, to the park and hopped on the merry-go-round.  He was in Heaven!  I love it when he's happy and having a good time.  It's definitely better than getting roughed up!!

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