Mar 12, 2016

Welcome To The World, Madison Rayne!

I couldn't wait to meet my teeny tiny, brand spankin' new Great Niece.  She is absolutely perfect.  Her features are so tiny and delicate.  Her hair is beyond gorgeous!  Looks like curly/wavy dark hair for her, if it doesn't change too much.  I am a sucker for curly hair, and lots of it (being dark and full at birth is my all-time favorite)!  Pure perfection!  At first glance, she looked a lot like my niece, but she will change so so much as she grows.  The boys were completely enamored by their baby cousin.  Didn't help that she was a sweet little girl.  I think Landon was hoping we could have one, but I gave him "the look" to nip that real quick.  I had to remind him that they're not toys, but little people that you have to raise into big people and that takes time, patience, effort, and lots of money.  At any rate, Landon really enjoyed holding and singing to her.  I even caught him caressing her sweet dark locks.  She's probably the cutest baby I have seen for as long as I can remember.  Beautiful!

Amy's birth plan was to have a vaginal birth and an epidural.  She arrived at the hospital at 2 am and then called me at 6 am to tell me the news.  She wanted me in the delivery room along side her husband.  I gladly accepted.  Watching births is always a beautiful thing for me (or at least being present).  I watched my niece, Lauren, being born.  Maybe I missed my calling, I don't know.  Some people can't handle it.  I love it!

I arrived at the hospital, with Liam in tow, at about 9 am.  My sister and my other niece were to watch Liam while I was in the delivery room.  Everything was all planned out until the unexpected happened.  After the epidural, Pitocin to help move things along, and about 19 hours later, baby wasn't dropping down the canal (Amy was 8 cm at this point and had been for awhile).  The doctor came in and said, "We're going to take the baby via emergency c-section."  The tears flowed and panic set in.  After all, this was Amy's first baby and something that no one wants to hear.  In fact, you are thinking the worst.  The doctor explained to everyone, as the oxygen mask was being placed over Amy's face, she was being prepped for surgery (shaved), and fluids were being shifted around the room, that the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around her shoulder (like a purse) and keeping the baby from sliding down the canal as a baby normally would.  Baby's heart rate was also fluctuating.  Maddie was tired and ready.  So, off they went.  Amy was bawling at this time, so I threw out a few encouraging words before she left the room.  She calmed down after a few deep breaths and told her how excited we all were.  She did awesome!

This is probably my favorite picture of mom and baby bonding.

The happy family.

I love this picture of Amy and Maddie.  So cute!

And then Landon singing to his newest baby cousin. Landon is such a sweet kid.

Born:  March 10, 2016
Due Date: March 15, 2016
Weight: 7 lbs., 3 oz.
Length: 21 inches
TOB: Unknown (it was pretty chaotic)

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