Mar 9, 2016

Mario, Luigi and Friends Go For a Ride

Liam had an excellent day at school yesterday.  He has been doing so well.  When he came home, he asked to play outside for a little while.  Since he has been doing such a great job recently, I thought this was a perfect reward for him.  I mentioned going for a walk.  He agreed and then asked if he could take the wagon and some of his babies with us.  While we were wheeling around his toys (and a Lego house that he made), he asked me if he could play with chalk and some other toys when we got back to the house.  We played for a little while until he decided he was ready to go back inside.  He doesn't like to get sweaty.

Liam saw a family outside on our walk and he wanted to approach them to say hi.  I told him he could say hi from the street and this is the reaction I got.

Mr. Froggie and Rock-N-Roll Doggie were snuggling up.

"Mom, watch me push this cart."

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