Mar 22, 2016

Kickin' Off Easter With An Easter Zoo Party

My husband is such a good sport.  He knows that taking the boys anywhere by himself could lead to a lot of stressful/frustrating situations, but he does it anyway.  You know the typical type of hubby, "Oh, I'll be fine.  The kids will be fine.  Everything will be fine."  As he panics inside.  I had to work so I stayed home to prep.  Otherwise, I would have gone to help out.  My husband is also a very brave man for trying to take pictures with a DSLR on top of everything else!  They all survived and came home in one piece as well as mud-free and dry.  *wiping forehead*  I wasn't expecting much, picture-wise, and he didn't take many, but here are the ones that turned out.

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