Mar 20, 2016

A Six-Year-Old's Idea Of Happiness

Liam finds weird things funny sometimes.  That doesn't stop me from falling deeper in love with him every day.  His laugh is infectious.  I love it when he really gets going, almost to the point where he can't breathe.  I can't help but smile or maybe even laugh along.  He truly is the best and I love seeing his good side emerge more and more.

This is what Liam's idea of happiness is:

Picking flowers for his mom:

Sporting a nice, big pizza-covered smile:

Playing with his cars in the sunshine:

Watching a dog pee on our tree:

Taking pictures of bugs and then squishing them.  RIP spider:

Being in his own little world; sitting in his favorite truck and playing on his tablet:

Easily entertained is how I would describe Liam.  He had so much fun enjoying the simple things in life.

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