Feb 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Goodies

I don't do much for Valentine's Day for the kids, or even the Hubs.  We're pretty laid back people and like to put the money toward more important things.  I did, however, get my husband some chocolates and a card this year.  Eeeek!  Still, nothing fancy.  I was at the store buying the kids some of their favorite treats and thought of him.  I caved a little, I couldn't help it.  I'm usually good at keeping things under control, but oh well.  I'm not a sweets or flower girl - chocolate puts a kink in the ol' diet and flowers die.  I'm a simple girl and Aaron's a simple guy.  I'm just lucky to have someone as great as him in my life, my kids too!

I woke the kids up this morning to open their goody bags and to give them my best Happy Valentine's Day hugs and kisses.  They were good sports about it, even dad was a good participant.  Once they started opening everything the lights went off and smiles and giggles ensued.  It was fun to watch the excitement. And boy, what a mess!  Wrappers and chocolate pieces everywhere!


Morning stretch.

Liam kissing his chocolate.

"You're not yourself when you're hungry.  Here, have a Snickers."

Chowing down.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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