Feb 25, 2016

Project Cleaning and Organizing

Aaron and I are busy as most parents are.  We have decided to keep on trucking with improvements at the House Of Z.  We have focused on bigger things, like the patio, pool, living room, and more of the main living areas.  Who thinks to go through the smaller items such as the kitchen drawers or under the sinks?  I know we don't.  Over time, we have learned that it's very difficult to keep things organized and clean.  Having a total of four boys is tough (this includes our male shedding dog).  Well, you can call it spring cleaning if you want to, even though that wasn't really our intention, we just needed a change.

Project Organization is in full effect!  I looked at Aaron and said, "If we were to put our home on the market tomorrow, there are things in this house that would/could be a deal breaker.  Let's get the ball rolling as if we were planning to sell."  Aaron replied, "I agree. This house has been neglected for far too long for whatever reason."  So, we're on our way.  It makes me feel accomplished, and who doesn't love a clean organized home?!  A home that has a place for everything?  Yes, please!  I think I may just turn to my Pinterest boards for some help on ideas for getting this house in order!

So far we have gotten rid of our old bulky L-shape desk and replaced it with a smaller, more compact desk.  We also bought a book shelf for the boys' room and got rid of the guest bed to make room for an actual office/studio space.  We are replacing old blinds and got new curtains for the living room (so far).  We purchased a round coffee table and matching end tables as well.  No more eating on tray tables while watching TV...yay!  We even broke down and bought a new vacuum cleaner.  Oh. My. Goodness.  What a difference new vs. old makes!!  The suction is unreal!  It's all coming along.  I even went as far as touching up some of the scratches, nicks, and scuff marks on our walls recently.  Still a ways to go, but I am really happy with how everything is falling into place, even if it's at turtle speed.  Aaron has been much happier, too!  I think we were all ready for something different.

This is what the spare bedroom looked like before and in the process.  I will post the finished rooms when they are completed.

The desk.

That's all for now!  I'll take more pictures when things are finally pieced together.


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