Feb 28, 2016

A Homemade House

Liam got a wild hair when a boxed shipment of mine came in.  His first reaction was, "Can I keep this box to build a house?"  Well, he wanted all of them.  We gathered up some other boxes we had recently put in our garage so he could have more cardboard to work with.  He kept bugging us to cut a door and windows, but as life would have it, and being busy with the house, we told him that it would be a little later in the day before his house building would begin.  He wanted everyone to chip in, making it a family event.  We even mentioned adding construction paper to give the house some color and definition.  He was ecstatic and couldn't wait to get started!  I love how much he loves to build (something the boys have in common) and how happy it makes him.  His creativity amazes us all.

Liam put himself into a ball so his dad could put his house on top of him.  The box was a little small for our growing boy.


This is what we ended up with until he decided that he wanted to do more, such as stairs to the attic, and attic entry way, more windows and a patio for his back door.  Simplicity went out the door at that moment.  Aaron and I looked at each other and laughed.

And then brother had to put his touch on the curtains, making them look a little more detailed.  Liam liked that idea.

Feb 25, 2016

Project Cleaning and Organizing

Aaron and I are busy as most parents are.  We have decided to keep on trucking with improvements at the House Of Z.  We have focused on bigger things, like the patio, pool, living room, and more of the main living areas.  Who thinks to go through the smaller items such as the kitchen drawers or under the sinks?  I know we don't.  Over time, we have learned that it's very difficult to keep things organized and clean.  Having a total of four boys is tough (this includes our male shedding dog).  Well, you can call it spring cleaning if you want to, even though that wasn't really our intention, we just needed a change.

Project Organization is in full effect!  I looked at Aaron and said, "If we were to put our home on the market tomorrow, there are things in this house that would/could be a deal breaker.  Let's get the ball rolling as if we were planning to sell."  Aaron replied, "I agree. This house has been neglected for far too long for whatever reason."  So, we're on our way.  It makes me feel accomplished, and who doesn't love a clean organized home?!  A home that has a place for everything?  Yes, please!  I think I may just turn to my Pinterest boards for some help on ideas for getting this house in order!

So far we have gotten rid of our old bulky L-shape desk and replaced it with a smaller, more compact desk.  We also bought a book shelf for the boys' room and got rid of the guest bed to make room for an actual office/studio space.  We are replacing old blinds and got new curtains for the living room (so far).  We purchased a round coffee table and matching end tables as well.  No more eating on tray tables while watching TV...yay!  We even broke down and bought a new vacuum cleaner.  Oh. My. Goodness.  What a difference new vs. old makes!!  The suction is unreal!  It's all coming along.  I even went as far as touching up some of the scratches, nicks, and scuff marks on our walls recently.  Still a ways to go, but I am really happy with how everything is falling into place, even if it's at turtle speed.  Aaron has been much happier, too!  I think we were all ready for something different.

This is what the spare bedroom looked like before and in the process.  I will post the finished rooms when they are completed.

The desk.

That's all for now!  I'll take more pictures when things are finally pieced together.


Feb 21, 2016

Coming Out Of Hibernation

Aaron and I finally found a day to run some errands over the weekend.  We couldn't believe that is was in the 70's in February!!  The sunroof was open and the windows were down.  We were definitely taking full advantage before bad weather sets in again.  We are supposed to get more snow and rain and the temps are to fall back down to the 40's and 50's!  So much for an early Spring!  The kids kept asking, "Are we going home yet?" They had had enough and were ready to get home to play outside.  Well, they got their wish.

Feb 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Goodies

I don't do much for Valentine's Day for the kids, or even the Hubs.  We're pretty laid back people and like to put the money toward more important things.  I did, however, get my husband some chocolates and a card this year.  Eeeek!  Still, nothing fancy.  I was at the store buying the kids some of their favorite treats and thought of him.  I caved a little, I couldn't help it.  I'm usually good at keeping things under control, but oh well.  I'm not a sweets or flower girl - chocolate puts a kink in the ol' diet and flowers die.  I'm a simple girl and Aaron's a simple guy.  I'm just lucky to have someone as great as him in my life, my kids too!

I woke the kids up this morning to open their goody bags and to give them my best Happy Valentine's Day hugs and kisses.  They were good sports about it, even dad was a good participant.  Once they started opening everything the lights went off and smiles and giggles ensued.  It was fun to watch the excitement. And boy, what a mess!  Wrappers and chocolate pieces everywhere!


Morning stretch.

Liam kissing his chocolate.

"You're not yourself when you're hungry.  Here, have a Snickers."

Chowing down.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!