Jan 31, 2016

Spring Mill: Pioneer Village

Aaron told me he wanted to get out of the house since it was a whopping 65 degrees!!  I loved how gorgeous it was outside, so I recommended going to a historic place up north.  It's quite a jaunt from where we live, but so worth it.  When I told Liam we were going somewhere up north, he quickly asked, "The North Pole?"  I laughed and then explained to him what I meant.  I about died from the cuteness.  Anyway, we had fun.  I loved seeing all the cool historic buildings.  The boys were caught peeping in the windows.  Liam liked The Garden House the best.  He got excited when he saw a bed inside.  "Look mom, it's a bedroom!"  That really impressed him.  We can't wait to go back someday!

Snake trails.

And a little video of the babbling brook.  I could sit and listen to this for hours!

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