Jan 25, 2016

Snow Sledding

When you go an entire year without snow and then get the opportunity to take your kids sledding, it's pretty exciting.  I love watching the boys having a good time, and the giggles and squeals are just heart-melting.  Liam's first time sledding was last year (I think).  We may have taken him out to Aaron's parents' house one year.  He loved it.  This year I told him I was going to take them sledding and he blurted out, "But, it will scare me."  I was shocked to hear him say that, but it all changed when he watched us go down the hill.  He was right there with us.  I think he was confused as to what we were talking about.  I love these moments!

Rolling down the hill.

Liam's turn.

The boys went to the woods to find two twigs for his arms.  I, of course, put a patch of grass on top for his hair. I think it really brings out his eyes.  :)

After it was all said and done, and being out in the cold for quite some time, we were all ready to go home to a big pot of chili.

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