Jan 20, 2016

If We Build It, They Will Come

When it's cold outside we do what boys like to do most, we build.  Liam loves building forts.  Landon was happy to pitch in, but he quickly turned to his tablet and went off by himself.  Liam was so excited.  This didn't shock me since he loves building just about anything.  I scurried around the house trying to find enough blankets.  Then I used PVC pipe to build the foundation and clothes pins to hold the blankets together.  I'd say it was a pretty successful project, and it didn't take long at all.  Well, the fort itself didn't last long either when Liam was ready to call it quits and wanted his blankets back for nap time, then wanted me to read him a story.  I love doing these little things with the kids.  Participating in such things keeps me young.

I climbed up to the top bunk and read this book to Liam.  He was very intrigued. 

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