Jan 31, 2016

Spring Mill: Pioneer Village

Aaron told me he wanted to get out of the house since it was a whopping 65 degrees!!  I loved how gorgeous it was outside, so I recommended going to a historic place up north.  It's quite a jaunt from where we live, but so worth it.  When I told Liam we were going somewhere up north, he quickly asked, "The North Pole?"  I laughed and then explained to him what I meant.  I about died from the cuteness.  Anyway, we had fun.  I loved seeing all the cool historic buildings.  The boys were caught peeping in the windows.  Liam liked The Garden House the best.  He got excited when he saw a bed inside.  "Look mom, it's a bedroom!"  That really impressed him.  We can't wait to go back someday!

Snake trails.

And a little video of the babbling brook.  I could sit and listen to this for hours!

Jan 25, 2016

Snow Sledding

When you go an entire year without snow and then get the opportunity to take your kids sledding, it's pretty exciting.  I love watching the boys having a good time, and the giggles and squeals are just heart-melting.  Liam's first time sledding was last year (I think).  We may have taken him out to Aaron's parents' house one year.  He loved it.  This year I told him I was going to take them sledding and he blurted out, "But, it will scare me."  I was shocked to hear him say that, but it all changed when he watched us go down the hill.  He was right there with us.  I think he was confused as to what we were talking about.  I love these moments!

Rolling down the hill.

Liam's turn.

The boys went to the woods to find two twigs for his arms.  I, of course, put a patch of grass on top for his hair. I think it really brings out his eyes.  :)

After it was all said and done, and being out in the cold for quite some time, we were all ready to go home to a big pot of chili.