Dec 18, 2015

PVMS Christmas Concert

Sitting in the auditorium I felt a sense of pride and joy as my first-born takes part in choir in my old middle school.  I looked around and remembered so many great things about performing there and all that I accomplished while attending.  I was happy and excited.  Landon did great!  Everyone did.

Liam was great!  He sat quietly next to me and laid his little head on my arm.  He had a cough for a couple of days, but right before the concert, a fever hit.  I felt the heat radiating off of him.  This explained why he was so quiet and calm.  He snuggled with me for awhile, then he wanted grandma, then he wanted daddy.  By the time the concert was over, the fever was really taking over.  It was time to go home, and quickly.  Poor baby.  He hung in there, though.

And a little video:

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