Dec 30, 2015

Merry Christmas!

The boys were so excited about the big man visiting.  Or, should I say just one boy?  Landon was just happy that the big day had finally come to open gifts.  They didn't ask for much, so we kept it simple.  I love simple for the holidays.  Less stress, and less shopping in crowded stores! They got everything they asked for, and a few little things in their stockings.

Before our annual Christmas party began, Aaron's parents came by to give their gifts to the boys.  Oh man, did they deliver!  The boys couldn't have been happier.  We were glad they came to see the boys.

Then, the madness began.  Presents galore, throwing paper all over the place, and of course, ooohs and aaahs and squeals.  The young kids always want to play with their toys immediately.  This becomes a challenge when there's wrapping paper and people everywhere.  The boys both got remote control vehicles.  Liam's face was precious.  I knew he would be in Heaven.  So much joy and excitement from everyone!  I'm thinking everybody had a nice Christmas this year.  I know the four of us did!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Happy New Year!

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