Dec 10, 2015

Christmas Card Victory and Our Annual Santa Visit

I'll be honest, this year I didn't know what I wanted to do for the boys' Christmas card pictures.  I had seen some things on Pinterest, but I was tired.  When I had planned to do these pictures around the beginning of November, we were in the mid 70's to low 80's.  I apologized to my kids for making them sweaters and jeans in summer weather, but I think that polos and shorts would have looked a little funny under the words "Have yourself a merry little Christmas."  I mean, maybe if we lived in Florida.  So, we they sucked it up and pretended it was cold for the sake of the pictures.  They had fun and cooperated.  Liam loved holding the faux presents, which helped keep him in a good mood.  Landon was just there to make his poor mom happy.  I'm half tempted to have someone else do the pictures while I kick back.  I love the thought of doing them myself.  You know, putting my own personal touch on their pictures to look back on, or sharing when they're older.  We'll see!

I love how my boys are getting bigger - no crying on Santa's lap (not that they ever cried), listening to directions as well as understanding how important the pictures are to their parents.  It's nice.  When I saw Landon sitting next to the big guy, I realized how much and how fast he was growing.  He's a big kid!  Not sure how much longer he'll have before he has to sit on the floor!  I loved their pictures this year.  In fact, the last few years have been great!

Here is our Christmas card this year:

Santa picture (scanned):

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