Nov 7, 2015

The Calm After The Storm

Since this past Friday, Liam had been without his third medication (which seems to be the key ingredient for behavior).  We had to wait on the doctor and the insurance before the meds could be filled.  Plus, it's a controlled substance so a doctor's appointment is needed to get the script back on track.  He began taking them all together on Thursday morning.  School was sketchy, Halloween was nerve-racking (riding in a wagon and candy helped us), church was a huge bust (we thought we would try).  It was a big mess and I'm ecstatic to have it back in his system.  Wow, what a difference it made!  I felt a sense of calm come over our home, as well as in the classroom.  I hope this doesn't happen again.  Yikes!

Liam is so easy to please.  He doesn't need much to keep him entertained.  He likes buildings things, which is why Legos are such a great toy for him.  These teeny tiny pieces will be the death of me one day, but they're only little once.  And, what do ya know....Bubby joined in!  I haven't been able to photograph him too much lately.  Ya know, he's twelve.  Landon's obviously too cool for pictures now.  I have to catch him candidly.  He hates to stop and pose.  Hates it.

It's Bubby!

The Headless Lego Man.

Playing with little brothers is exhausting.

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