Oct 31, 2015

Trick-Or-Treat, Smell My Feet...

Well, here we are again.  Only the kids are bigger and the costumes are scarier.  Aden's costume was a hit, despite the long johns he wore over his actual costume.  The Blue Man Group is apparently a very popular thing around here as well.  He scored several pieces of candy because of it.  There were also quite a few Walking Dead fans on the street.  Landon and Liam were so excited to get extra candy for their costumes.  Some people even asked Liam if he would pose and groan like a zombie - definitely the life of the party.  This year was so laid back.  With four boys running from door to door that never happens.  And let me just say that I loved the weather this year!!  Finally, a break.

We came back to our house and had chili and grilled cheese sandwiches.  We were all starving so it was quite a treat.  I was surprised the kids had any after dipping into their candy throughout the night.  The chili hit the spot, and then we made a fire for roasting marshmallows.  I'd say this year was most definitely a success.  Can't wait until next Halloween already!

Before we headed off:

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Liam really enjoyed being in control of the wagon.  Sounded to good to us!

And they found friends!

I loved how the people who were giving out candy dressed up!

Cell phone pics:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!

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