Oct 30, 2015

To My Twelve-Year-Old, I'll Never Forget...

It's no surprise that my once little boy, who sat on my lap to read stories or cuddled with me when he was sick, is slowly turning into an incredible man.  I'll never forget your tiny hand reaching out for mine when walking through a parking lot or crossing a street, learning to look both ways.  Or, the little boy who loved being videotaped as he made up a new dance, a new joke, or just wanted to tell the world a story.  I will never forget the soft "I love yous" as you laid upon my chest, or wanting to stand on my feet as we slow danced in the living room.  I'll never forget the way you said Captain D's (Kackin D's) when it was still new to you.  We thought that was the cutest.  I'll never forget the first time you told me that I was "the best/coolest mom ever".  You have no idea how much that melted my heart.  I'll never forget your first crush and how embarrassed you were to talk about her.  I'll never forget your very first day of school and how excited you were to learn and make new friends.  I'll never forget your first slobbery, wet kiss and big bear hug.  I'll never forget how you talked about your best friends and how happy that made you feel.  I'll never forget the joy you and I felt the day you learned how to walk, talk, read, write, spell, do math, tie your shoes and ride a bike.  I have enjoyed being there for all of your big accomplishments and watching you grow.  I'll never forget the first time you skated, played your first sport, and lost your first tooth.  I'll never forget the first time you cried and how much it killed me inside.  I'll never forget the first time you did chores around the house and how it made you feel good to help out.  You are such a sweet, kind-hearted boy.  I'll never forget the day you had to get glasses for the first time.  You picked them out on your own and felt an overwhelming feeling of excitement.  I'll never forget your first big roller coaster and how much fun you had.  I'll never forget your first boo boo and your first trip to the ER.  You were so sad and scared and I held you tight to reassure you that I will always be there and everything was going to be okay.  I'll never forget the day you became potty-trained.  You were so proud to transition to "big boy".  I'll never forget the day you learned to swim.  You were always a natural-born fish, so it didn't shock me that you picked up on swimming quickly.  I'll never forget your excitement when you sat in the front seat of the car for the first time, and sat in my lap and "drove" around the neighborhood.  I'll never forget your first holidays and how your eyes lit up to meet Santa and the Easter Bunny.  I'll also never forget how over-the-moon happy you were to become a big brother.  You were the happiest little boy on the planet, and an awesome big brother at that.  But most importantly, I'll never forget the day I met you, my firstborn, for the first time as they laid you on my chest in the hospital.  I have never felt so much love for a human being in my entire life.  I was so proud to call you mine, even to this day.  You were/are my greatest accomplishment.

Next year starts a new chapter in your life.  You become a teenager.  Until then, your never-ending stories, hilarious jokes, your countless hours of singing songs, your crazy "white boy" dance moves are enough to keep us entertained.  I look forward to many more years of accomplishments, success, and entertainment.  Put simply, you are amazing.  I love you, son.  Happy last year of tweenhood.

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