Oct 30, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday!

Having a birthday fall through the week is cool because you get to celebrate at school, but it stinks because you have to wait until you get home to open presents.  Landon surprised me by plopping on our bed and watching cartoons.  I asked him, "Did you forget that it was your birthday?"  I guess the second part to what I said above didn't apply to him this time around.  He responded with, "Oh yeah!", followed by a chuckle.  Seriously, kid?  I didn't start acting as if birthdays weren't a big deal until after I turned twenty-one, or maybe twenty-five, when my car insurance was supposed to go down.  After that, it was...eh, who cares.  But, when I was his age?  Heck yeah!  I was all about turning a year older and getting goodies.  I couldn't wait to get home to see what I got!  I guess boys are different, or it could be that he is just that laid back.

I love how low-key these moments are with him now.  He doesn't ask for much, and like I mentioned above, he doesn't seem to mind just chilling out and doing his own thing like any other day.  He does like time to himself a lot.  He has reached that age where he disappears to a vacant room to unwind.  He asked for toy guns this year so that is what he got.  He also got an MP3 player.  This kid can rock out to music like nobody's business.  Definitely my music buff.

Happy Birthday, Landon!

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