Sep 16, 2015

The Caserpillar and the Cleaner-Upper

Liam always keeps us on our toes.  Every day with him is quite the adventure.  He's cute.  He's funny.  He's creative.  He's unpredictable.  I walked into the room and saw Liam buried in a pillowcase, pillow included, while he was watching one of his favorite shows.  I told him he looked just like a caterpillar.  Since he was cuddled up in a pillowcase I gave him the name, caserpillar.  He thought that was hilarious.

The boys have daily chores they are supposed to do before they play, such as give the dog water and food, let him out to use the bathroom, pick up their room, unload the dishwasher, put away their belongings, take out the trash, etc.  When all of their chores are finished and homework is complete they are allowed to do what they wish.  Liam has been known to go above and beyond.  He loves to vacuum (not one of the chores, mind you).  If I mention that I am going to vacuum he will step up and offer to do the job for me.  I caught him vacuuming the bathroom floor.  What?!  Either he is trying to tell us something or he is very thorough in his work.  Regardless, I love his go-getter attitude and work ethic.  He even helps me dust the furniture (again, not one of the chores).  Liam is such a big help around the house and I love that about him.  Best six-year-old, ever!

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Liam has to wear noise-reducing ear phones because the vacuum can be too loud for him.  He still has auditory issues, thanks to autism, but they have gotten much easier to control with age.

About a year ago or so this wouldn't have been a smile, but a very frightened face.  He couldn't stand anything on his ears.

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