Sep 7, 2015

Orange vs. Purple

Landon is getting so much better at his foot work.  Playing defense is right up his alley.  He loves it.  He has been blocking and passing like crazy.  Every now and then he will grace us with a good kick across the field.  Everyone cheers.  He is constantly moving, which is great for him having ADHD.  When there's a lot of movement or a lot going on, it's easier for him to stay focused.  Strange, I know, but it works well for him.  This is why I think soccer is more his speed when it comes to sports.  Baseball is kinda' slow going.  There can be a lot of standing around, depending on where he's positioned.  I think that's why he liked catching so much.

He is doing great and we're so proud of him.  After the games (and sometimes practices) he's about dead.  Every game day has been super hot, like 90 degrees hot with high humidity.  With umbrellas in hand and cold, wet towels at our disposal we were able to enjoy sitting out in the scorching sun.  Those poor kids were burning up!  I love watching Landon play.  I even like watching him direct his team on plays.  The kid has never played a day in his life, but he sure acts like he's played for years.  They lost, but the team was still in good spirits.

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