Sep 27, 2015

Cornucopia Farm

We've gone to Huber's Orchard for as long as I can remember.  We always had fun there, but found it to be a tad bit crowded this time of year and overpriced on certain items.  Well, this year was the year for change.  We heard about this little farm up north that was family-owned and not as big as Huber's.  We loved it!  We all had a great time picking pumpkins together and exploring new things to do.  The boys were having so much fun they didn't want to leave.  The slides were the boys' favorite.  They were even able to try their hand at milking cows, riding wooden horses as well as finding their way through a huge maze.  The corn box was also a favorite of our sensory-loaded child.  We couldn't be happier that we made the decision to go.  New tradition, perhaps?  Maybe.  It was so worth it!  Oh, and the best part?  The weather was perfect!!  Last year it was freezing and extremely windy.

Warning:  Picture overload.

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Puppet Show.

Milking a cow.

The boys taking different paths.