Jul 9, 2015

Playing Nice

On a good day these two monkeys make me happy.  No fighting, yelling, tattling, or running amok.  It's quite nice, really.  I love when they come together and find peace.  There are lots of smiles, laughter, and just plain having fun.  As an added bonus, they get the dog involved.  This melts my heart, and P loves the attention.  He will never refuse a good rub down or a hug.  I love all of my boys, including the hairy one.  I will say, being around two younger children/babies during the course of his life, P is THE most patient dog I have ever been around, especially having to deal with a child with autism.  He has been ridden, tugged, smacked, pinched, sat on, crawled on, poked between the two kids and STILL never once growled or snipped.  The boys have even played dress up.  He just lays there and takes it like a good puppy.  Poor P.

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