Jul 14, 2015

Mother Nature's Wrath

Mother Nature sure did do a number on our city and surrounding cities the other day.  Our city's water pump stopped working because all of the rain we got.  The drains were gurgling, trying to do their jobs, but they were already filled to the rim.  We had a total of two feet sitting in our back yard. A few of our metal pool braces buckled from all of the pressure from the water, but we ordered the parts we needed to get it back in order.  Other than that, we didn't have any damage.  We got lucky.  Some of my friends had/have water sitting in their basements.  Not only did a bad storm come through Sunday, but we got hit again on Monday.  Needless to say, we were all biting our nails wondering if we were going to have to go through round two of floods.  I feel bad for my friends.  I guess there's always a pro and con to everything.  In this case, having a basement.  We tried to make the best of a bad situation and walked around in the water (more so to see how deep it was all over our yard).  A majority of our yard was completely underwater.  The good news?  My plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs got plenty of water.  Less I had to do.  Liam and Peyton had a blast (Landon slept through it all).  Peyton is 3/4 lab so he was loving the deep water.  He ran around and jumped up and down.  He definitely kept us entertained for the day until the water receded.  To be honest, the whole situation was actually pretty thrilling!

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