Jul 19, 2015

Louisville Slugger Field

We finally made it to our first real baseball game as a family.  I don't know much about the River Bats, but it was still fun to sit and watch adults play after being caught up in little league for years.  I looked at Landon about 20 minutes into the game and he looked bored out of his mind.  I asked, "What's wrong, aren't you having a good time or at least excited we're here?"  His response, "I like to plaaaaaaay the game, mom, not watch it."  Ha!  Fair enough.  That's probably why I never got into watching baseball on TV.  I found it to be as boring if not more so than golf.  I was always a more hands-on kinda' kid, too.  Going to games, however, is not bad for me.  I like being in the midst of cheering fans and smelling all the good eats.  It's exciting, I think.  Before we even got into the park entrance, Liam spotted the carousel and play area for the kids.  Once he saw those things, it was all over.  Playing is all he wanted to do.  We had to bribe him and try to blow him off during the ballgame so we, the adults, could have an opportunity to at least do what we set to do in the first place - watch a ballgame.  Well, he finally got his wish as the night went on.  The whole experience was a lot of fun, despite the I'm-not-interested-in-the-game bit from both kids.  Maybe we'll ditch the kiddos next time, eh?

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