Jul 14, 2015

Laid Back 4th Of July

Aaron and I have this thing where we do a bunch of things around the house on the weekends, inside and out, while it's light outside and cook out in the dark.  Okay, maybe just Aaron.  It was nice this time because we had the torches burning and the fireworks going off all around us like it was WWII all over again.  The kids really enjoyed the show.  Liam kept asking us, during the firework breaks, "where are the fireworks?"  He was being very impatient, but he has a fascination with certain things so it doesn't shock us one bit that he gets that way.  He changes all the time, though.  He has good days and bad days.  What used to scare him doesn't and so on.  Truthfully, we never know what to expect.  We just hope for the best.  I am hoping our vacation works out next year.  He is going to LOVE it!  All of us will!

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