Jul 29, 2015

Kart Kountry

This place is so great.  It's not a big place, but the kids really enjoy all the things they have to offer.  We played putt-putt golf.  Still very humid, so I went inside to cool off while the boys finished their game.  Liam scored a hole-in-one!  We were all amazed!!  Landon and I managed to score a hole-in-one as well.  Poor dad.  We were crazy hot so the bumper boats were a good way for us to cool off.  Liam had a blast riding the go-karts, too!  He wanted me to go faster and then told me he wanted to ride again.  The first time we visited, a few years ago, he would cover his ears and snuggle up next to me.  Not this year, baby!  He was all about it!!  Since I live in a house full of game-playing boys, we joked about how we should have brought banana peels and painted turtle shells so we could play a real-life game of Mario Karts.  It was a thought, and no we wouldn't do that.  Ha!  Later Landon told us what characters we would be.  I was Peach, dad was Wario, Liam was Toad, and he was Donkey Kong (or maybe Mario).  It was a cute/funny conversation.  Gotta' love boys!

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