Jul 25, 2015

Big Fish, Little Fish

Once we put the pool back together after the flood, and getting the chemicals stabilized, the boys were able to enjoy more swimming.  It has been crazy hot here.  The humidity is horrible.  All you want to do is dip in the cool water.  This summer has been overloaded with rain too, which makes the bugs swarm.  Despite all of that, the kids had so much fun jumping and dunking each other.  It was a great day for it, too!

In other news, Liam got so excited about getting back into the pool again that he forgot to put his floaties on.  I'd say that was a nice wake-up call.  He did fine, though.  Better than I thought he was going to.  It's amazing how their instincts kick in when something like that happens.  He stayed above water and "swam" to the ladder.  Having a background in swimming/lifeguarding, the kids are definitely in safe hands, and I will probably teach Liam how to swim before the summer ends now that we have our own pool.  I don't think it will take long for him.

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