Jun 20, 2015

Craft Time

When we're not hanging out outside, the boys like to find time-passing things to do inside.  In this case, it was crafts.  Liam loves drawing houses.  I'll give the movie, "Monster House" credit for that one.  Sometimes the houses are normal looking and sometimes....well, they look a little creepy (like in the movie).  Landon likes to write stories.  It wouldn't shock me at all if he ended up becoming a writer later in life, even if it's a part-time hobby sorta' thing.  Kids change like crazy so who knows what his future truly holds.  First, it was paper and markers, then scissors, then pencils.  The boys were having a blast making their creations.  It's not too often that these two get together and play quietly (and nicely).  I'll blame the almost six year difference.  It makes me over-the-moon happy when this almost rare occasion happens.  Score!

And sometimes the boys get messy.

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