Jun 29, 2015

New Car Owners Again!

We had one car that was mine and 17 years old.  Yes, 17.  Aaron came to me the other day and said I'm not sure how much longer this car is going to last, even after taking care of it for so long (there was something going wrong with it, I think).  This worried me a little bit.  It's the worst feeling knowing you're stuck without a second vehicle, having two working/busy parents and two active kids.  I was sad to see my little snowball go, but all good things do come to an end.  We've never been into buying elaborate things, but more of the things we need or replacing items that are broken/dated.  Well, this fell into both categories, so off to the car lot we went.  We had been shopping for cars in person and online for about a year, but we didn't slip into serious mode until about three or four months ago.  We knew we wanted certain features.  The color was obviously important to both of us.  I told Aaron that we were skipping red (maroon was okaaaay, but not a big fan), any color blue, wild colors, and silver.  He crossed off white, gold, and blue.  At this point I knew that we were going to have a challenge ahead just by the color alone.  Price, mileage, cargo space were also important.  I had a minivan on my list at one point, but then quickly decided against it because I wasn't ready to lose my "cool/hip mom" card.  I like the SUVs better anyway because they are more compact.  This car is awesome on gas mileage, which is great.  I loved that.  It is black with chrome accents.  This was ideal because we both love that color in cars, very classy.  They had a lot sale.  Bonus!  They came down even more.  Double bonus!  The safety rating is very high.  Triple bonus!  It's also American made (that's a weird thing Aaron and I have).  Quadruple bonus!  The best part of the deal, and what sold me, was the built in DVD screens on the back of the front seats.  Having two electronically motivated, easily bored fellas, I knew this would be right on the money for us.  It even has a built in hard drive!  I feel as old as my mom because I didn't know half of this stuff they have in cars now even existed.  We are very happy with our purchase!  This car is so perfect for us.  We can't wait to take road trips in the future!!

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Love, love, love!!!

Jun 23, 2015

The Comeback Curls

Landon had curls when he was younger.  More so when he would sweat and get his hair wet.  Several years of keeping his hair short we haven't seen them too much.  He has a lot of body, and you can see that on top, but when it gets long(er) you can really see the curls.  Having to give all the guys haircuts in the house, it's taken a little bit to get around to Landon's.  All of my guys have thick hair, too!  My Shag Muffin is on the loose!  I especially love the curls around Landon's ears.  So cute!

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Jun 21, 2015

Happy Dad's Day!

Over the weekend we were so busy with the house I wasn't able to get Aaron with the boys.  Instead I grabbed the kids and had them do a little something for Father's Day.  We were up to our eyeballs in chaos, but I was so happy to be able to document this moment.  The kids' eyes are very sensitive to light, no matter if it's cloudy or sunny, so I got a couple of squinty/funny ones.  This put them in more of a natural state so it didn't bother me much.   I thought they still turned out cute.

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Liam's "I'm over it" face.

You would never guess that these two fight like cats and dogs by looking at these pictures.  Trust me when I say....they do.

Jun 20, 2015

Craft Time

When we're not hanging out outside, the boys like to find time-passing things to do inside.  In this case, it was crafts.  Liam loves drawing houses.  I'll give the movie, "Monster House" credit for that one.  Sometimes the houses are normal looking and sometimes....well, they look a little creepy (like in the movie).  Landon likes to write stories.  It wouldn't shock me at all if he ended up becoming a writer later in life, even if it's a part-time hobby sorta' thing.  Kids change like crazy so who knows what his future truly holds.  First, it was paper and markers, then scissors, then pencils.  The boys were having a blast making their creations.  It's not too often that these two get together and play quietly (and nicely).  I'll blame the almost six year difference.  It makes me over-the-moon happy when this almost rare occasion happens.  Score!

And sometimes the boys get messy.

Getting Beautified: Part Two

The first round was quite labor intensive.  This time around, maybe a little labor intensive, but more exciting than the first round.  We finished the fence and then worked on adding a pool to the mix.  It's nothing fancy.  We'll probably upgrade later on (hoping for next year), but this is fine for now...plus, it was from a friend.   Can't beat that! It's also a good start to see how much maintenance goes into pool upkeep.  So far, so good!  I think my favorite part was shopping for floats and pool toys.  Isn't that silly?  Needless to say, we are ready for summer.  The first day of summer break was a blast!

Another big reason we wanted a pool is because of Liam and his issues.  We really can't hang out with anyone (play dates, get-togethers, parties, events, etc.) so if we have to stay at home we might as well have something fun to do.  The kids are loving life right now!  Liam is one happy camper since he is obsessed with water - always has been.  I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer brings!

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Since these pool pictures were taken, we have cleaned the pool up a bit. Used pools are never perfect. We are having so much fun!!