May 22, 2015

Jeff/GRC Parade 2015

This year was a little out of sorts for the parade.  Our coach had other things going on so team picture day was scratched until another day and then he couldn't participate in the parade.  His words were, "Eh, the kids don't really care for the parade at this age anyway."  I was put off by his words because it's all about responsibility and doing something as a team, not if they like it or not.  And a majority of them do.  So, here we were left without a truck, the team, the coach, or anyone to decorate.  Landon was bummed, as I knew he would be.  Well, as fate would have it, a friend of mine who coaches another major league team called me and invited us to join them.  I laughed at first because I knew he would stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of all the red (ironically the team he played for last year).  I was grateful that Matt would think of us after hearing the news.  That was a very sweet thing for him to do.  I was happy that Landon wouldn't have to "suffer" because of someone else's decision.  Plus, Landon knows Matt's son.  We had a blast.  Matt let Liam ride on the trailer, too!  It was fun for all, and of course, we collected candy at the end.  The kids love that!

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