Apr 20, 2015

Thunder Over Louisville, Of Sorts

This year was the very first year that we decided to stay home and relax.  We went last year so Liam could experience Thunder, and times before that, we just parked and enjoyed the firework show.  Liam wanted to go, Landon didn't, and Aaron was on the fence.  I didn't care either way since both boys had gone.  We have been doing non-stop home projects, shopping, etc. so it was just a busy day, and a beautiful one to boot.  Our neighbors thought the same thing and decided to stay home and have a get-together.  Tents, bouncy houses, grilling out, kids playing, and so on.  It was so nice that we could all hang out in the comfort of our back yards and grill together (okay, okay, maybe at the same time).  All of the food smelled fantastic!  Well, as time went on we found ourselves getting busier and busier and losing track of time as well as daylight.  Our grilling came later that night, complete with brats, hot dogs, and smoked sausage.  Yum!  After we grilled we noticed that all our neighbors had switched their lights on.  It was so nice to chill out and enjoy the view and the weather.  We all watched the fireworks on TV.  Liam loved it! Oh, and I might add that I made us margaritas on the rocks.  That was probably the highlight of the night for me!!

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Gummy bears are a Thunder celebration must-have.


Look, mommy, the planes!


OOF, but love it anyway.


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