Apr 11, 2015

The Rain Gods Have Given Us A Break

Man, what a couple of weeks we've had!  Floods everywhere.  Basements soaked.  Power outages.  Business closings.  I didn't think the rain was ever going to go away.  Landon's Opening Day of baseball was cancelled a few times.  We are still waiting to have that first game of the season because the fields were holding so much water.  I never thought his team pictures would come before his first game, but hey.  Let's just say The Rain Gods have had their fair share of humor for us all.  Well, we finally got a break yesterday.  We were all ready to enjoy a little sunshine and 65 degree weather after the multitude of severe thunderstorms we've had.  It was so bad Liam was afraid to leave the house.  He thought the "thunder" was going to get him.  But more importantly, our dog thanks those Rain Gods for being nice for a change.  He is beyond terrified of storms!  I called Peyton a scaredy cat during one the storms and Liam quickly corrected me and said, "No, mommy, he's a scaredy dog."  Funny.

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Shopping for dandelions.

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