Apr 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny Visits

Here we are again with another installment of juicing the kids up on sweets, hunting for eggs, and having tons of fun.  Liam was very excited this year about getting a basket of goodies and egg-hunting.  Landon lost track of time and forgot about it being Easter.  I asked, "Are you ready to hunt Easter eggs tomorrow?"  Landon replied, "Wait, it's Easter tomorrow?!"  I just laughed.  He is such a silly boy, and sometimes a little scatterbrained, but we love him dearly.

The boys found their baskets and had a blast picking through their stuff.  The candy was their favorite part, of course.  Once we had moved on from the baskets, I hid the eggs outside.  Liam was ready to go.  He stood at the door until it was time to head out, Easter basket in hand and all.  The boys took turns finding the eggs.  I had to set rules for Landon because he's bigger and faster, but boy was I giving the wrong kid the rules.  Liam took off and collected a majority of the eggs before Landon had a handful in his basket.  There was no stopping our tot.  He. Was. In. Heaven.  Towards the end of the hunt we kept the eggs even so it was fair for them both.

After it was all over, we came back inside and the kids ripped their eggs open to see what was inside.  They had so much fun together this year.  Last year, the boys had some egg-hunting competition with my great niece and nephew who were visiting from Georgia.  It was a little more relaxed for them this year.  We could take our time, and nobody got upset.  It was nice.

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I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

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