Mar 26, 2015

Baseball Is Back: Major League 2015

Well, not just baseball.  Track, too!  Landon is going to be one busy boy again this Spring.  I can't wait to watch him play.  Our shirts have been ordered and we're all ready!  Strangely, he has an all new team.  I have never seen these kids before.  A few tower over Landon, and one is as skinny as a pole.  At least I feel better knowing that my tween isn't the skinniest on the team.  In time's past, Landon has always been the tall, skinny kid on the team, so it's a nice switch.  Landon is in the majors for the first time this year.  He's one of the big boys now.  Ha!  He seems to be in good spirits about starting a new season and I hope it lasts.  The kid hates it when things go wrong in a game.  HATES it!  Here's hoping for a great season!

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You can see that Liam is really being supportive of his big brother here.  Ha ha!  He is all about the phones and tablets, but truthfully, he needs them to keep him calm(er).

Mid 70's weather = getting comfy without the shoes.

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