Mar 12, 2015

A Warm Day

These last couple of days have made me smile.  I've been hearing the birds chirp in the mornings when I get the boys up for school.  It's coming, it's coming.  Spring is coming!  Yesterday we had some things going on so we didn't get out, but today was a little warmer anyway.  Just like every Spring, the neighborhood kids flock our porch to ask if Landon can play.  Both boys went out, but before the kids played together, I took my little peas for a walk.  It felt good to stretch my ghostly white winter legs for the first time in months.  Liam's enthusiasm about scared me.  He took off like a bat and started running down the street.  Ack!  It was fun!

The clouds were very pretty.  Liam stopped to look at them before moving on.

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Hugs for everyone!  Thanks, Madison!

It's called a walk, Liam.  Not a "sit and sleep".

You got me!  Boys and their weapons.  *sigh*

"Hey Mom, I'm strong.  I can pick this up."

We had a good time!

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