Mar 26, 2015

Baseball Is Back: Major League 2015

Well, not just baseball.  Track, too!  Landon is going to be one busy boy again this Spring.  I can't wait to watch him play.  Our shirts have been ordered and we're all ready!  Strangely, he has an all new team.  I have never seen these kids before.  A few tower over Landon, and one is as skinny as a pole.  At least I feel better knowing that my tween isn't the skinniest on the team.  In time's past, Landon has always been the tall, skinny kid on the team, so it's a nice switch.  Landon is in the majors for the first time this year.  He's one of the big boys now.  Ha!  He seems to be in good spirits about starting a new season and I hope it lasts.  The kid hates it when things go wrong in a game.  HATES it!  Here's hoping for a great season!

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You can see that Liam is really being supportive of his big brother here.  Ha ha!  He is all about the phones and tablets, but truthfully, he needs them to keep him calm(er).

Mid 70's weather = getting comfy without the shoes.

Mar 22, 2015

The Start Of Spring Break

It's not very spring-ish here yet, still a little cool, but the kids don't seem to mind.  Two days into spring, I wasn't going to expect much with the weather after having a crazy/fickle winter.  Most of the kids in the neighborhood landed in our back yard.  Landon and Liam were in Heaven.  I managed to get a couple of group shots, which was their idea.  They love it when I get the camera out!  Everyone had fun playing outside the first weekend of their Spring Break.

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New(er) Closet

If you've seen our walk-in closet, which more than likely you haven't, you would know that it was in desperate need of a change.  It's 8x6 of blah.  We have plenty of clothes.  In fact, at one point I was putting my spring and summer clothes in the boys' closet and then switched them to the spare bedroom closet at a later time.  I was tired of having clothes in every part of the house that didn't belong.  So, we got the idea one day that we were going to find a way to combine summer/spring and winter/fall clothes all in one closet, including a place for our shoes...or, maybe I should say my shoes.  As we were in the process of putting up shelves, I kept noticing the scuff marks on the walls from the shoes that were almost always on the floor, thanks to our adventurous toddler, who thought it would be fun to break our shoe holders by standing and sitting on them.   I told my husband that it was time to paint.  We both cringed, because long ago, after another painting project we did, I looked at him and said, "I am never painting again."  And here we were getting ready for another round.  We were beyond exhausted.  Never say never, right?  We didn't do anything elaborate.  All we did is add another row of shelving and added corner shelving for a smoother flow.  The other ones just butted up against each other (in an L shape).  Aaron just had a small section at the bottom on his side that he hardly ever used, and the clothes on top just hung over it.  Now we have one up high, with corner shelving, one down low, with corner shelving, and the shoe rack on the other side.  Now we have enough space in-between the two rows of clothes for folded clothes, sheets, etc.  SO much better!  It's still not finished.  I have to purchase two more shelves for the shoe rack and we need to move our old TV out that we have stored.  It's been nice.  This is what we have done so far...

Liam helping.  Not sure what he was doing here.  We were taking down the old shelving, which was positioned about mid way on the wall.

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Measuring for the top shelves.

Please excuse the not-so-great pictures.

Mar 17, 2015

St. Patty's Day Shoot: McLiam as McDorable

We've taken a turn in our family.  Landon no longer wants to participate in our photo shoots.  So, you won't be seeing him ham it up for the camera much from now on.  Liam Daire, however, always gets excited about pictures.  Probably more so than me.  He loves helping me with the setup and doesn't want to stop snapping pictures.  He actually gets upset with me when I put the camera down and say things like, "that's a wrap" or "we're finished."

Anyway, this is what Liam and I came up with.  He is getting more involved now by coming up with his own stuff and making suggestions along the way.  He's fun and I adore that about him!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, from our little Irishman!

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I thought these next two pictures were funny to put together - head and feet.  I cracked up!

Having a young one in the house can be just like this.  One second they seem in control and the next they're out of control.  This was perfect!

Mar 12, 2015

A Warm Day

These last couple of days have made me smile.  I've been hearing the birds chirp in the mornings when I get the boys up for school.  It's coming, it's coming.  Spring is coming!  Yesterday we had some things going on so we didn't get out, but today was a little warmer anyway.  Just like every Spring, the neighborhood kids flock our porch to ask if Landon can play.  Both boys went out, but before the kids played together, I took my little peas for a walk.  It felt good to stretch my ghostly white winter legs for the first time in months.  Liam's enthusiasm about scared me.  He took off like a bat and started running down the street.  Ack!  It was fun!

The clouds were very pretty.  Liam stopped to look at them before moving on.

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Hugs for everyone!  Thanks, Madison!

It's called a walk, Liam.  Not a "sit and sleep".

You got me!  Boys and their weapons.  *sigh*

"Hey Mom, I'm strong.  I can pick this up."

We had a good time!