Feb 4, 2015


This is one of Liam's new Christmas gifts.  As you can see by the decor, it was still christmastime.  I guess you can say we've had a lot going on here at the House Of Z and I didn't get around to posting these.  Liam loves sand.  We found this out very quickly when we poured sand in the boys' sandbox years ago and then hit the beach for our first family vacation.  He is in awe of the sand.  It is a funny texture for someone in Liam's shoes, but there are a few textures that he is fascinated with and sand is one of them.  Thanks to his cousin, he is beyond thrilled to have something he can dig his hands into.  She was even smart and included a rubbermaid container to keep the sand in for safe keeping.

When he decided he was finished with the sand, out came the Play-Doh.  He loves this, too.  They play with Play-Doh a lot in class, making letters, numbers, and other cool stuff, so it didn't shock me that he wanted it for Christmas.  He has been having such a ball with all of his gifts!  Anything that will keep this busy guy occupied is number one in my book.

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