Jan 24, 2015

Game Day

We finally got around to opening some of the games that the boys received for Christmas.  I knew it would be a good time to get them to settle down and play together.  They did a wonderful job.  I didn't have to step in to referee like I usually do.  It was a nice change of pace for everyone.  Playing games together teaches both boys how to play nicely, patience, how to take turns, strategy, problem solving skills, and how to be a good sport. Landon is beyond competitive, which is great, but then there are times when that can take a turn for the worse.  He wants to win at everything and every time.  He's a bit of a perfectionist, too.  Not a good combination to have.  That would drive me insane, so I can only imagine how he feels.  He's still a good kid, and I love how the kids worked as a team.  Landon was helping his little brother, explaining the concept of the game as well as giving him tips on how to succeed.  I was pleasantly shocked.  Liam was listening and paying attention and taking his brother's advice.  They were too cute.

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The intensity.

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